Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sundarta mean?

Sundarta is the Hindi word for 'Beauty'. I have always had a love for India, and many other cultures. And when the name was suggested by a friend, it seemed fitting for an esthetics business. I have always been about natural beauty, and not commercialized standards, and for a while I questioned the choice to have Beauty as my business name. But the truth is I love it. And in 2017 when I began the Medicine Wheel, one large aspect of walking the 'Red Path' is learning to 'Walk in The Beauty Way'.  Which means living in harmony not just with yourself, but with the world around you and in doing so create a more beautiful world. All of sudden Sundarta's name, and business goals (the goals of respecting Nature, and enhancing my clients' inner/natural beauty) felt even more like kismet and the doubts forever disapeared!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. I have been Licensed as an Esthetician in the state of Colorado since 2013.
I am currently insured thru Beauty and Bodywork Insurance.

What does a facial do? And does it hurt? I've never had one before.

I am excited you are considering booking a facial as a way to expand your skin care routine!
Facials are a great way to remove dead, unwanted skin cells, and promote glowing, healthy skin. Each facial is fully customized to your skins needs, and your goals at each separate visit. 
A facial may at times be slightly uncomfortable. Enzymes (that help exfoliate) can feel very active or warm. Extractions (removal of blackheads and pimples) can be unpleasant for some. But nothing should be lasting. Many clients fall asleep during their facial appointment! 

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism (these days) is an umbrella term often used to most accurately describe the sacred work done by a person or group of people. Shamanic practitioners, generally speaking, have a tendency to work with spirit; go into trance and visit various realms, or dimensions; embody, and draw strength from Mother Nature, her creatures and plant medicines; and the Universe in order to facilitate and promote healing on an emotional, physical, energertic/spiritual level for the client.

Why did you start making pouches?

In 2017 when I joined the Medicine Wheel it quickly became obvious I would need some ways to organize the Mesa (a medicine/sacred altar bundle) that I was creating as I did the spiritual work. Each of the Four Directions have at least 3 stones (or khuyas) that go into the Mesa. Everything within the Mesa needs to be natural, and I wanted to be able to keep my khuyas together. So I found an artisian on etsy who was selling scraps of leather and fur, and when it arrived I had so much fun working with the scraps and creating lots of funky little pouches to store rocks and crystals in, that I used the entire 1lb bag of scraps up in no time. Eventually I realized I should sell them and people could use them for all sorts of things!

Why do you use leather and fur? Aren't you supposed to be spiritual?

I strongly believe it is better to honor the sacrifice the animal made by ensuring that nothing goes to waste. **I do not argue this point further. If you do not use leather or fur, then do not purchase from me!**
Each pouch is made with spiritual intention; meaning I connect with the spirit of that piece of leather or fur, and ask it what it wants. I consider each finished pouch a sacred, spiritual tool made to assist its owner, and bring new life to unwanted/discarded scraps. Many pouches end up with multiple folds, and can be odd shapes/sizes because that scrap fur or leather did not want to be cut up anymore. I take this connection and the information I receive with great solemnity, which is why I will not debate about the sources and materials.

How do I get a custom pouch made?

Please feel free to drop a message here, and we can begin the process. If you would like an existing pouch altered in some way, please either message before check-out, or add a message at check-out and I will try to accommodate.