Handmade Items For Sale:

*Please note each pouch is 100% unique and cannot be duplicated as all items are made only from up-cycled, scrap leather & fur purchased from other artisans.*

           Leather Pouches *Currently Available*

Handmade Pouches

The journey of making medicine/crystal pouches was one that sprung from simple personal necessity. 
But from that, bloomed a longer-term hobby; eventually becoming a way to share a passion for Mesa Carrier Traditions, crystal and stone collecting, and a general love of crafting with the world!
The nature of buying, or being given, scrap materials from other people’s projects is that those materials come in bulk; and you never know what you will receive!
Thus, a hobby began to create mass inventory as I began to fold, and sew, and create pouches from leather & fur that others deemed useless!
Homes for each unique, one-of-a-kind pouch were needed, so I began selling and posting on Instagram in 2020, eventually moving the shop here!
Everything for sale can have alterations made, such as a cord so you can wear the pouch around your neck, or beads. Just ask here or at check out.  Crafting a custom, one-of-a-kind pouch for you would be a pleasure, please click here to begin the process!